Craig Newmark
Founder, craigslist & craigconnects

Craig Newmark is a self-described nerd, Web pioneer, speaker, philanthropist, and advocate of the use of technology for the public good. In September 2013 he was named “Nerd-in-Residence” by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Innovation in recognition of his volunteer work with the department to enhance services to veterans.

Craig is the founder of craigslist, started in 1995 and now one of the world’s most-visited websites. He has continued to work with craigslist as a customer service representative for 18 years.

Today, Craig’s primary focus is craigconnects, which he launched in March 2011. The mission of craigconnects in the short term is to promote and enhance the use of technology and social media to benefit philanthropy and public service. He uses the craigconnects platform to support effective organizations working for veterans and military families, open government, public diplomacy, journalistic ethics and accountability, fact-checking, consumer protection, election protection and voter registration.

Craig serves on the board of directors of the Center for Public Integrity, Sunlight Foundation, Consumers Union-Consumer Reports, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; on the Board of Overseers of the Columbia Journalism Review; and on advisory boards to more than a dozen renowned non-profit organizations (see the full list at He is a strong supporter of the Poynter Institute’s work to develop new ethical standards and practices for journalism in the digital world.

Born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1952, Craig received his bachelor and master’s degrees in computer science from Case Western University. He lives in San Francisco and enjoys bird-watching, squirrel-watching, and science fiction.

Craig communicates regularly through his own blog on and through the Huffington Post, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. He also travels the country speaking about issues, appearing on behalf of organizations he supports and delivering his craigconnects message to audiences nationwide.