Notes from Opening Session with Robert Wolfe, CEO of Crowdrise

Notes by Meg Biallas on June 3, 2011

Crowdrise “If you don’t give back, no one will like you”

Twitchange “Team up to change the world, one tweet at a time”

Downside of using celebrities to boost your campaign — they can’t help when they get busy. (i.e. The Jonas Brothers stopped tweeting a Crowdrise campaign).

“To be an influencer, don’t tweet one thing and step away. You have to be passionate at what you do.”

Facebook and Twitter are not the answer to our problems. Wolfe says its key to build a good email list. Social media is meant to support the email lists.

So many NPs are focused on the dollars, but the “bodies” are important, too. Need to get people in the door, and get them to stick around.

@StaceyMonk, EpicChange (Interviewed by Allyson Kapin of RadCampaign)

  1. FrogLoop is Care2’s (blog for nonprofits)
  2. Monk went through period of loss, divorce, etc. But realized life was about not about getting ahead, but more about love/making a difference.
  3. Epic Change is about telling stories that change the world.
  4. Stacey asked people on Twitter (in 6 days with 6 volunteers). “Tweetsgiving” began – (Instead of using fear). $11,000 raised in 48 hours. Built classroom.
  5. To Mama With Love Campaign – all created out of love.
  6. Our intentions matter.
  7. Resources flow from love.
  8. Giving is a sacred act. That’s not what our job is; it will never move people. You have to create more meaningful experience.
  9. Embedded giving: buy coffee and 10% goes to charity. It’s not the same experience.
  10. Donor community and beneficiary communities stay separate, but it’s not moving the world forward.
  11. How does EpicChange sustain itself? It has a strong volunteer community (time and/or money). They’ve been able to outsource certain functions.
  12. When you rely on volunteers who are not as committed as you are, how do you handle that? What are the challenges?  Takes years to develop an effective program. You need a large enough pool. Also, you’re not always in control. People better than you do things better. “You have to let people do their own dance.”
  13. Change is an art – not a science. A lot of things can be scaled, commodified. PEOPLE can’t be commodified.
  14. Easy to be optimistic about how social media can help people be heard. Stacey not as optimistic anymore. 1) There’s too much noise. 2) Everyone talks about themselves.

Generation Divide with Technology

Baby Boomers tend to read every single word on a webpage

“Click here” is actually very effective with the older crowd.

Email communication works – especially if it acts and looks like a personal letter

Internet Engagement – Older folks visit trusted sites, especially a single site (Rather than providing a variety of scattered links).

Go step by step – (i.e. “Login means your email address”).

Board meeting: meet them where they are.

some board members have been doing things for decades; how do you help with the transition