NonProfit 2.0: More than a Conference

NonProfit 2.0 is more than just a conference on the next generation web. It’s a next generation conference in format. Ever attend a conference, for a keynote, and find the rest of the content to be wanting? NonProfit 2.0 delivers the best of both worlds, offering great keynote sessions led by Amanda Rose, Founder of Twestival, and Wendy Harman, Social Media Manager of the American Red Cross, but in an unconference way with no PowerPoint, 15 minute leads, and open questions and dialogue for fantastic conversations. Then from midmorning forward, NonProfit 2.0 shifts into a full-on Unconference. NonProfit 2.0 will take place at SEIU – 1800 Massachusetts Avenue NW, in Washington, DC

Who is invited?
Are you working in the nonprofit community? Are you a an online advocacy guru, a fundraiser, or grassroots organizer? Perhaps you manage a communications team and want to dive into social media but your a little old school. This event is for you! We invite nonprofit staff and do-gooder consultants from a diverse array of fields to come join us at NonProfit 2.0. This includes people who work in:

* Online Advocacy and Outreach
* Grassroots Organizing
* Social Media
* Fundraising
* Communications
* Nonprofit Technology
* Nonprofit Consulting
* Public Affairs
* Programming
* and more.

What is an unConference?*
Following the keynote sessions – at 10:30 AM we start with a blank wall and, in less than an hour, with a facilitator guiding the process attendees create a full day, multi-track conference agenda that is relevant and inspiring to everyone in the room. All are welcome to put forward presentations or propose conversations that you would like to have with others and:

* questions you want answered
* information you want to share/present
* a project you would like help on
* any number of forms

As people register we will be posting proposed topics on this website.

What happens During Sessions?*
As sessions happen people volunteer to document the outcomes on a wiki (The notes of what was said is even better). Photos of any whiteboards are also important along with any slides that were presented.

End of the Day
At the end of the day everyone gathers in one place to share highlights of the day.

Why Charge?
One break from the traditional un-conference is the charge. Primarily, the $45 fee covers event costs. While leading the organization of NonProfit 2.0 as a way to educate the local nonprofit community on social media and contributing some financial resources, the founders do not want to go in debt on the community’s behalf. Secondarily, PodCamp Boston 2008 received more than 1000 registrants and only a few hundred showed up. The resulting financial loss was significant. We want people to commit to their registration, and there is no better way than to charge a cover. The event is significantly cheaper than most events at this cost, and folks will get a big bang for their buck.

Please note that net proceeds will be donated to a local charity. Catering will be provided by DC Central Kitchen.

*Adapted from Kaliya’s Halmlin’s blog on Unconferences