Metrics and ROI

Blogger Talks About Metrics 

  • Behavior, how many pages does the person go to?
  • Outcomes – for each blog reference, how many converted?
  • How do you tell your board that bloggers own a category or keywords in Google?
  • Branding vs Money or Action.
  • What do you want to learn?
  • This will help you hone in what you want to analyze.
  • ROI is different than a business depending on what you are.
  • Analytics report every month, overly redundant.
  • When declines aren’t actually a bad thing
  • How do you design dashboards that are useful?
    • Use a more multichannel focus.
  • Not just visits to the website, but how many from each other site? Which of the categories declined? Have a better sense of where they are coming from and what they are doing once they get there.
  • Schedule out a lot of tweets and posts with evergreen content – then look at what worked
  • Crowdbooster and Social Flow Social Bro – will tell you best times of day to tweet. Timely 
  • Building dashboards:
    • Figure out business goals. (Brand awareness, donations, etc)
    • Figure out sub-goals
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – indicate that you are meeting your goals.
    • ROI – staff time, dollars, vs. how much you are getting.
    • Adjust these on a timely basis.

Metrics and ROI

  • Use Google Analytics
  • Social fundraising and social media. Barrier – every nonprofit is strapped for cash. Need a template, these are the metrics we want to measure, invest that time to see what they want to get out.
  • What can we tell the nonprofits to get them started?
  • How do you use your analytics to actually inform?
  • Not putting value to anything – how to use them to actually improve
  • (the mission list)
  • What are you doing with your metrics?
  • What tools are people using to measure, what dashboards?
  • Minimum effort in to put maximum effect?
  • Dashboard to consolidate anything
  • Actionable insights and different tools


  • Google – just got a lot better at social.
  • Omniture
  • Radian6 – very expensive and sort of a beast (measures sentiment and tone), not as flexible.
  • Hootsuite – mostly social
  • Crowdbooster – right now mostly free, easier than Facebook insights, what time to post
  • Social Flow – paid model
  • SmallAct Thrive
  • Google Alerts
    • The question is what are you measuring?
    • No one tool is going to be able to do it all.
  • Tweetdeck – put client relevant terms in tweetdeck columns. Or Hootsuite
    • It’s work, it’s not magic. 

 Quality over quantity – want a presence on there every day, but also want to avoid redundancy. 

  • Can geo-target for specifically applicable places.
  • Content is king. Takes time and energy.
  • Photos rule the social media realm.
  • Measure what matters.
    • Make sure to consistently reevaluate your KPIs – if you’re trying to feed one specific metric, it will change your entire strategy of outreach.
    • KD Paine – Measure What Matters
    • Facebook comments, Disqus, Livefire – people sometimes more likely to comment because they are more familiar.
    • Facebook has a new plugin that will show you the content that they like on the page.
    • Social affinity is important for trust.
    • Kissmetrics– Amazing content on measurement
    • Lunametrics – Traffic, Analysis, Action
    • Google is also doing more social things.
    • People who have javascripts
    • Opens won’t be accurate but clicks will be. Email clients won’t track you unless you have photo enabled
    • Custom reporting.
    • Google Adwords has a program now for nonprofits. Can have a client service person if you spend $50 – @RobPierson has a contact
    • The Overlay in Google analytics – like a heat map.
    • Excel spreadsheet – all links. Percentages of clicks. Conditional formatting to look at trends. Can also do scaling, with colors. Take those cells overlay on your email and look at where and what people are clicking on.
    • ListManager