How to Increase Your Social Media Following:
  • If you are RT’d, then someone who wants to publicly align with your messaging. Reach out to your constituents. 
  • It’s imperative that you don’t just RT, but ask questions. Don’t talk AT people, have a conversation. 
  • You control the expectation when someone follows you on Twitter.
  • “Become a real subject expert in your field; find your niche.” -Danielle Brigada, NWF
  • Use Google Analytics to find out what bloggers are already blogging about you, and your interest area.
  • Make time each day for outreach.
  • Create accessibility.
  • We are all pinched for time; get in a habit of quality vs. quantity.
  • Make yourself very easy to find.
  • Tools: wefollow, followerwonk, topsy, sprout social, small act,
  • Update organically with quality.
  • Your goal is to get people to share and engage.
  • Follow people who mention you.