Demystifying Diversity Session Notes

Difference. Being different. Celebrating the fact that people are different.
If we don’t talk about differences, we might get social inequality.

What does Minority mean?

  • Less than the majority
  • marginalized
  • powerlessness
  • discomfort with terms
  • representation in democracy
  • outsider
  • federal designation for grants
  • federal contracting grant-making
  • gives a community more of a face by being specific instead of using the word minority – La Clinica del Pueblo serves young gay latinos

What does diversity look like in the non-profit sector

  • 82% of EDs are white
  • 86% of board members are white
  • 94% of foundation CEOs are white
  • 92% of CEOs of ntl orgs locally headquartered are white
  • 1/3 of nonprofit managers are black

*From: Urban institute racial diversity collaborative

What can we do to promote diversity?

  • Create our own culture – same culture. In a circle – everyone is in  a circle. Everyone is included in activities.
  • Less of an ethical issue – more of an economic issue.
  • Diversity can fall on deaf ears. Companies are doing diversity – but why aren’t n-profs more like them.
  • Job posting – don’t get a diverse group of applicants.
  • If you have a hard time getting your board/staff diverse, your org is not connected to your community.
  • Is it affected by the size of your organization?
  • Jobs don’t honor families taking time off.
  • 3-4% of foundation dollars go to people of color – led organizations combined.

How to use the technology tools.

  • People of color don’t use online job listing tools. Word of mouth. Well – known brands. Social networks.
  • Unless we act with deliberateness, we will still be having this conversation.
  • What are the key messages EDs need to hear in order to be more deliberate about this.
  • Check out: Joe Gurstant’s blog – Our time to act.
  • Brookings Institute on job openings – said people of color and women are encouraged to apply. We don’t take unqualified applications. What does this imply?
  • How are you recruiting?
  • Reaching out through network – who is a person of color? Specifically targeting people.
  • At conferences who is represented in panels reflects the audience. Am I welcome in this space?
  • Do have connections to people that do have diverse networks.
  • Who are all the invisible people in a sector that we’re missing because we don’t think they would fit in the org?

As Ambassadors of diversity what can we do to encourage this?

  • Keep the job process going until you get the diversity qualification filled.
  • Reach out to your personal networks and the personal networks of those people.

Session notes by Ben Merrion